Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

  1. Reference Technology Ltd ('RefTech') agrees to hire a barcode scanner to the company named as an exhibitor ('the Exhibitor')
  2. Should the Exhibitor choose to cancel the order, there will be no refund unless agreed in advance by RefTech.
  3. The Exhibitor may collect the scanner from the designated area at the event during the following times:
    Build up day 14:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
    Day 1 08:30 hrs to 17:00 hrs

    Collection at other times is at the discretion of RefTech.

  4. The Exhibitor agrees to take all reasonable care to prevent damage to or loss of the barcode scanner.
  5. The Exhibitor must return the scanner to the designated area at the event by 18:00 hrs on the final day of the event.
  6. Should the barcode scanner become damaged or lost or is stolen while it is in the Exhibitor's possession, the Exhibitor will be liable to a charge not exceeding £350.00, regardless of who is responsible for the loss, damage or theft.
  7. RefTech will download data from the barcode scanner hired to the Exhibitor and will provide the data for retrieval from the website within 24 hours after the show closes.
  8. RefTech will take all reasonable care to ensure that the data contained in the barcode scanner is delivered to the website but cannot be held responsible for any loss of data nor for the accuracy of that data nor for any consequential losses.
  9. This agreement is subject to English Law. Any disputes arising out of the agreement are to be resolved by recourse either to a UK based mediator acceptable to both parties or, failing that, action through the UK courts.
  10. By maximising the use of the Lead Reference system – you will be able to get a fantastic return on your modest investment renting the system. In fact, we are so confident that if you are not completely satisfied about how you have benefited from the use of the system then we will offer a full money back guarantee*

* Companies who accept their money back as part of the money back scheme may not be permitted to rent the system at other shows in future.

Data provided subject to data protection and information provided by attendee.