Handheld scanner

A small handheld device that quickly scans barcodes and stores the information. These easy to use devices will store up to 5000 scans.

LeadReference scanning

Minimal training required, simply press the button, let the laser hover over the barcode and the device will beep to let you know the information has been captured.

The scanner will store all of these scans safely until you return the device to be downloaded at the end of the event.

Scanners can be collected from the registration area of the event, please check your emails for further details.

Scanners must be returned to the registration area when the event has closed so that your device can be downloaded. You can then access all of your leads online*.

You can customise your view, and filter and export all of your leads.

*Subject to the organiser providing an internet connection – if no connection is available then the data will sync as soon as a connection is established, this will be no later than 24hrs post event (excluding weekends).

LeadReference handheld scanner